Welcome to the Chicago’s Best Baker Contest, where the best amateur bakers in Chicago compete for the title of Chicago’s Best Baker!

Chicago’s Best Baker 2018 has been found and her name is Carolyn Berard!
Thank you to all of the bakers who competed and those who came out to cheer the bakers on!

Here is the list of the winners in each category:

  • Chicago’s Best Bread Baker 2018 is Benjamin Holland!
    Second Place Winner - LeAnne Bennion
    Third Place Winner - Sara Witt
  • Chicago’s Best Cake Baker 2018 is Madeline Rocker!
    Second Place Winner - Carolyn Berard
    Third Place Winner - Meredith Chiarelli
  • Chicago’s Best Cookie Baker 2018 is Lori Szudarek!
    Second Place Winner - Meredith Chiarelli
    Third Place Winner - Sarah Hilz
  • Chicago’s Best International Baker 2018 is Luke Lusk!
    Second Place Winner - Sabrina Markvaldas
    Third Place Winner - Carolyn Berard
  • Chicago’s Best Pastry Baker 2018 is Audrey O’Shannah!
    Second Place Winner - Luke Lusk
    Third Place Winner - Emma Rosenthal
  • Chicago’s Best Pie Baker 2018 is Maria Del Favaro!
    Second Place Winner - Luke Lusk
    Third Place Winner - Judine O’Shea
  • Chicago’s Best Show Stopper Baker 2018 is Meredith Chiarelli!
    Second Place Winner - Deanna Stegal
    Third Place Winner - Sarah Hilz

Congratulations, everyone!

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The Contest

On Saturday, October 20, 2018, at 1p.m., the competitors will gather in the Auditorium at the Wilson Abbey to have their bakes judged by our judging panel. The event will be free and open to the public, and suppliers of specialty baking items will have booths with demonstrations and items for sale. The proceeds of this event are going to support Cornerstone Community Outreach, one of the largest homeless shelters in Chicago.

There are seven categories in the competition and the winners of each category will be awarded first, second, and third prizes in their category. Any baker who enters five or more categories will be entered in the Chicago’s Best Baker Contest and the winner will be chosen based on their overall scores.

The Categories

  • Cake
  • Pie - Sweet or Savory
  • Cookies
  • Pastry - Sweet or Savory
  • Bread - Sweet or Savory
  • International Baked Goods
  • Showstopper

You may compete in any of the categories, or compete to be the best overall (Chicago’s Best Baker).

Registration has ended and the competitors have been announced!

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Rules, details, and more information coming soon.

Questions? Comments? Email us at chicagosbestbaker@gmail.com

The Chicago's Best Baker Contest was launched as a way to gather people from all over the city to celebrate the diverse and exacting bakers who call Chicago their home. Since there is no county fair for Cook County, amateur bakers in the city haven't had a chance to compete with and learn from each other on a local stage ... until now. Come see why we think Chicago's bakers are the best!

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